Welcome to Balanced Body Massage - Theraputic massage to rest, restore & replenish the body!

My name is Tonia Sherman and I am a licensed massage therapist and the owner of Balanced Body Massage in Kirkland. I wanted to create a practice that focuses on promoting whole body wellness for people. I am passionate about a natural approach to health and well-being and massage therapy is a powerful means to integrate into your healthcare regime.

Massage Therapy has helped people for years create balance in their body by reducing the tension of daily life, restoring the body from the demands of our active lifestyles, calming the mind and refreshing the soul to create overall health and well-being. I aim to relax the mind, restore the body and rejuvenate the spirit with each massage session.

I graduated from Cortiva School of Massage (formerly Brenneke School of Massage) in Seattle, which focuses on the balance between the art and the science of massage therapy. Massage therapy has been part of my life and health care plan for as long as I can remember. It has helped me recover from knee surgery due to a running injury, de-stress my body due to the long hours in the corporate world, mend a low-back injury due to gardening and provided my body the ability to change during pregnancy without pain and discomfort. It is the amazing bodyworkers I have had in my life that inspired to me become a massage therapist as the care they gave to my body and the ability for my body to move without pain was something I knew I wanted to contribute to people as well. I truly believe in the ability to bring balance to the body through massage.

I am dedicated to working with my clients to meet their individual needs as I know that every person and each body has a different need. Each client is assessed individually to determine your specific needs. I provide an integrative approach to massage by using different modalities to create a unique massage tailored just for you, whether it is a treatment massage to address a specific issue or simply relaxation. I am committed to providing excellent service and offering a calm and comfortable environment for my clients.

I have received training in the following modalities:
• Deep Tissue
• Injury Treatment
• Swedish Massage
• Sports Massage
• Neuromuscular Therapy
• Myofascial Release
• Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
• Hydrotherapy
• Trigger Point Release
• Pregnancy Massage

Member of: American Massage Therapy Association
License Number: MA60303939