"Tonia is one of those rare practitioners whose focus is deeply on what will help create more balance and ease in her clients. Her treatments go beyond the “feel good” of the moment and translate into decreased stress overall and greater vitality as a result. If you are looking for a massage that supports your entire being, then Tonia is the practitioner for you."

- Tiffany P., MS, Acupuncturist, Kirkland

"I found my massage experience with Tonia very relaxing and pleasant. She sensed and worked on the areas that I needed released. She is a wonderful massage therapist and I will enjoy the next treatment I will have with her. Thank you Tonia."

- Norma S., Caregiver, Kirkland

"Tonia is a great LMP. My profession and lifestyle is hard on my body. I needed relief from pain due to a tight muscle pinching a nerve in my trap and neck. After a session with Tonia, I felt great and was no longer in pain. I've had several more massage treatments with Tonia and appreciate the knowledge she shares during our sessions. Knowing my body as I do, I am trying to be proactive and receive a massage at least once a month for maintenance. When I am training hard, I schedule for two times a month for faster recovery. Pain free and loving it!"

- Jon S., Personal Trainer, Redmond

"Tonia has changed my idea of what a massage should be! I only ever thought of massages as a relaxation method, I'd never thought about massages being therapeutic. Tonia has opened my eyes to all the benefits massage can give. Her knowledge of the human body helps her really pinpoint the areas that need more attention. After a couple of sessions with Tonia my area of concern has improved dramatically. My whole body feels wonderful afterwards. I would highly recommend her!"

- Mindy M., Redmond